Are Laundry Pods Bad For Your Washer?

Are laundry pods bad for your washer? We hear you ask. Well, that depends on a plethora of conditions, including and not limited to how you use the product and your choice of brand.

Are Laundry Pods Bad for Your Washer

Therefore, if you’re a puzzled launderer who needs to understand whether or not to continue using laundry pods for his machine, the piece of information contained here is sufficient to help you make the right decision.

We explain the main subject and a lot more facts about laundry pods in this piece of write-up. But first, here’s a concise answer for you.

Are Laundry Pods Bad For Your Washer?

No, laundry pods aren’t bad for your washer as long as you follow all its usage instructions carefully. Going by the rules is a conventional precautionary move.

How Does The Laundry Pod Work?

Laundry pods are made of concentrated detergent packed inside a water-soluble coating. The content of the detergent usually differs between brands.

While some brands of pods contain elements that help with brightening, stain-fighting, and whitening clothes, others only have basic cleaning elements. It’s often wise to check the product’s label for its content before spending a cent on it.

These pods are mainly meant to add convenience to the laundry process by eliminating trial and error. They are pre-measured to eradicate the messes, mistakes, and work that come while measuring the other types of detergent (liquid and powder).

Do Laundry Pods Dissolve In Cold Water?

Yes, most laundry pods dissolve in cold water unless specified that they don’t. Meanwhile, most of them can work with both cold and warm water without leaving residue. It’s important, however, to check usage instructions for the most suitable conditions of use as the right quantity and temperature.

For example, the HE Turbo Tide pods dissolve perfectly in cold water, and there’s no problem using them with warm water, too.

However, in the rare case that you encounter some residue, it’s important to deal with them appropriately. For instance, if you’re experiencing colored stains on your clothes, there’s a chance that the pods might have not dissolved correctly.

This could be an indication that you either used more than enough pods for the cycle or added the pod(s) incorrectly. The good news is that these stains are removable using hot water and some rubbing alcohol.

Will Laundry Pods Clog My Washing Machine?

No, you shouldn’t worry about laundry pods clogging your washing machine because they’re completely soluble in water. A lot of people worry about the pods’ outer cover but it’s clear that they dissolve, too.

Talking about the covers, they’re often made of soluble substance (PVOH) that is also marketed as biodegradable, though this isn’t usually the case.

Therefore, you don’t expect laundry pods to move down your machine’s drains but you still need to use the pods according to the instructions to avoid this because it’s possible.

In case it flows down the machine un-dissolved, that is an indication that you did not follow one of the usage instructions to the latter.

How Do I Clean My Washing Machine?

The Entire Machine:

It’s necessary to clean your washing machine regularly to remove unwanted substances that get stuck in its various parts by mistake. If you want to clean the entire washing machine, you should have at least some white vinegar, a microfiber cloth, baking soda, and a spray bottle.

Start by spraying the gasket using white vinegar and wiping it with a damp cloth. Then, set the machine to the hottest temperature and the highest level, and add white vinegar to the detergent dispenser. Run the machine through a complete cycle and repeat the same process with a cup of baking soda.

The Drain Pipe:

Do you have a clogged drainpipe that you wish to make clean again? We got your back! Straight away, the brief process starts with filling a large bucket with boiled water and a sufficient amount of baking soda.

Then, detach the draining pipe from your machine and add water into it using a funnel or any other convenient tool. Wait. Continue pouring water into it and waiting to see if it drains the water as continuously as you pour it.

Here Are Safe Laundry Pods Usage Instructions For A Washing Machine (Front and Top Loader)

Please follow the usage steps below to use pods correctly so that you avoid running into mistakes that could lead to serious damages.

Note: Before anything, please ensure that your hands are dry while handling the pods. Otherwise, they will start dissolving on your hands.

  • Confirm that you have read and understood all usage instructions before taking out the right quantity of pods to use for your clothes.
  • Add the pod directly to the machine’s drum.
  • Wait for around five minutes and then add your clothes.
  • Wash your clothes according to the instructions on the pod’s label.

Advantages Of Using The Laundry Pod For Your Machine

  • You don’t need to measure it, thereby saving you the time and mess involved.
  • It yields consistent results because the right dose is already designed for each wash cycle. You only need to match the dose with the right amount of clothes.
  • It’s easy and quick to use. Pods can even be used by the elderly and disabled.
  • Some of the pods are improved to incorporate various cleaning technologies. For example, there are 3-in-1 Tide pods that contain a stain remover, color protector, and the detergent itself.

A Few Disadvantages Of Laundry Pods

  • Laundry pods are more expensive than liquid and powder detergents. They’re estimated to be 50% more expensive, which most people think is higher than what they should charge for convenience.
  • They’re dangerous for kids because of their appealing candy-like appearance that deceives the kids into eating them as sweets. There have been many reports of poisoning to this effect.
  • If not used correctly, the pods may not dissolve properly and cause damage to your laundry machine. Meanwhile, laundry pods are generally safe for your washing machine.

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