Best Handheld Steam Cleaner For Grout

Looking for effective ways to clean grout? Are you tired of trying out numerous failed methods? You should give it a try for steam cleaners. There are handheld ones that work way better than your traditional methods.

The best handheld steam cleaner for grout can solve your problem. These products not only clean the grout but also other areas and appliances. It is a useful machine to have in the house.

best handheld steam cleaner for grout

Bella moved to her new apartment a few months back. The floor of the whole house contains tiles. Recently the grouts in between the tiles started to get dirty. After trying different methods, she was exhausted.

A friend of Bella suggested using a steam cleaner. That became one of the best decisions for her. Now she uses it to clean without hassle. The house cleaning has been easier with the product.

With this multipurpose tool, you can clean, mop, scrub different parts of the house. So, buy the best handheld steam cleaner, and enjoy a clean space of yours.


Product Name
Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner with 15 Accessories-All-Natural, Chemical-Free Pressurized Steam Cleaning for Most Floors, Counters, Appliances, Windows, Autos, and More, 64 inches, White
Product Name
Wagner Spraytech 0282014 915e On-Demand Steam Cleaner & Wallpaper Removal, Multipurpose Power Steamer, 18 Attachments Included (Some Pieces Included in Storage Compartment) For Floor

Top 10 Handheld Steam Cleaner For Grout Review

Reviews play a great role in making the purchase decision. Every customer should check the details from different brands and their products. We found the ten best handheld steamers for cleaning grout that will make your life easygoing.

Bissell Steam Shot Hard-Surface Cleaner

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Bissell is a popular brand for steam cleaners. They are known for their better products valuing more than the competitors. It is a powerful and high-pressure machine with a trigger that is easy to press.

The power rating is 1000 watts and has 20 feet long cord as well. It is chemical-free, has no harmful fumes or trash. The tank capacity is 6.6 ounces. It takes only 30 seconds to heat up.

The package includes:

  • A nozzle
  • Angle concentrator
  • Grout brush
  • Fabric steamer
  • Flat scraping
  • Extension hose
  • Window squeegee, and
  • A detail brush.

This machine is perfect for reaching hard places. This is a budget-friendly product and hard to beat. Anyone who is looking for a convenient purchase must have it. The steam pressure is quite good. And it would not fall off in the middle of your work.

Because of the lightweight, it is also handy. You can carry around this product anywhere, as it has great portability.

What We Like:

  • The product is very lightweight compared to other similar ones.
  • It is a multipurpose tool for cleaning your whole house.
  • The price is affordable for most people.
  • This machine takes few seconds to warm up.
  • The accessories that come with it are very useful.
  • Steam pressure is perfect for grout cleaning.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It does not have a water level indicator.
  • The accessories can get lost as their no specific space for storing them with the steam cleaner.

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Bissell Power Fresh Hard Wood Floor Steam Cleaner

Bissell Power Fresh Hard Wood Floor Steam Cleaner

The second product for review is also from Bissell. The 2075A is a powerful one for your use. The steam is on demand. The 6 pounds machine is a multipurpose tool.

With natural steam power, it can eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria. There is no need to use harsh or harmful chemicals. The 25 feet long cord brings extra advantage. You can reach any difficult area easily. It is useful for floors and above floors. It is steam cleaner and steam mop at the same time.

There is a storage kit that lets you keep the accessories safely and transport them whenever in need. There is a wall mount as well.

You will get the following accessories in the package:

  • Grout tool
  • Angle tool
  • Bristle scrub brush
  • flat scraper tool
  • A flat surface tool with a mop pad
  • Bristle scrub brush for multi-surface cleaning
  • Clothing steamer

You can attach all of them at the end of the steamer or extension tube. Grout is easy to clean because of the attached cleaning tools. Your tiles are now safe and have hassle-free cleaning secured.

Sealed hardwood, linoleum, ceramic, granite, marble above-floor cleaning- everything is possible with this one. You can convert the steam mop for cleaning them. The water tank is heavy but removable. So, you can carry it making the product handheld.

The price may seem expensive. But when you consider all the functions you can perform and the attached accessories, it will be a reasonable price.

What We Like:

  • It is a versatile product.
  • Great value for money.
  • Accessories for cleaning different parts of a house.
  • This product is easy to store with a storage box and wall mount.

 What We Don’t Like:

  • The weight is heavy due to the large water tank capacity.
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BISSELL Powerfresh Slim Steam Mop, 2075A BISSELL Powerfresh Slim Steam Mop, 2075A No ratings yet


Steamfast Steam Cleaner

Steamfast SF-210 Steam Cleaner

The Steamfast steam cleaner is another small size but effective product. With this tool, you can perform multiple tasks for cleaning your house.

Because of the design, and weight it is highly portable. The power cord is 12 feet long with an attachable extension hose of 28 inches. This makes sure to reach difficult places. And also cover a large area.

The accessories are all useful. There are six accessories to do the different cleaning work. It also has a brass brush jet nozzle extension hose, measuring cups, and so on. The water tank has a capacity of 6 ounces.

This machine takes three minutes to warm up and provides you with steam for eight minutes. There are no chemicals. You can clean dirt or grease grime stains with this product. It is appropriate for a wide range of surfaces that includes grills, autos, ceramic tile, grout, granite appliances, ceramic tiles, and more.

While using the steam directly on the grout, it sanitizes them by removing bacteria and germs. The vapor clean ensures there is no dirt or stain. The manufacturer gives you two years of warranty with a replacement policy.


  • The product design is ergonomic.
  • As a lightweight product, it is capable of doing long cleaning jobs.
  • The accessories are versatile for multi-purpose use.
  • It has a replacement policy and warranty.
  • The steam is powerful enough to blast through dirt, grout, mold, or grime.
  • You can steam pillows, cushions, and clothes with it.
  • The product price is very much affordable.


  • Because of the small water tank, you need to refill it often for a long-time cleaning.


Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner

Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner

The next one for review is the Wagner Spraytech. This product is the ultimate steam cleaner with eighteen accessories. It is perfect for not only grouts but the whole household.

The first thing is you can use it for different cleaning purposes without using any chemicals. This steamer has a self-storage facility. As a result, you do not have to worry about losing the attachments. Also, clean the whole house without using harmful chemicals.

This item is great for cleaning grout. The steam hose is eight feet long. You can reach tall walls when in need. The water tank capacity is 40 oz which is pretty heavy. It takes 9 minutes to heat up to 212°F/ 100°C. Once heated, you can use the steam for 40 minutes.

Using it is easy. You have to connect the required accessory and fill the water tank. Turn the machine on. Then wait for the orange light to turn off. It means the steamer is ready to use.

What We Like:

  • It has a fully portable wheel design.
  • The nozzle also packs away inside the self-storage compartment.
  • A total of 18 accessories is inside the package.
  • It is great for removing wallpapers.
  • The steamer can reach places that are difficult to clean.
  • It does not require any battery.
  • The customer service is satisfactory.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain the house.

What We Don’t Like:

  • There is no water level indicator.
  • It takes a long time to heat.


Steamfast Canister Cleaner

Steamfast Canister Cleaner

We have another model from Steamfast. This time it is the SF-370. Till now, this the most powerful steam cleaner with 1500 watts of power. The 8.42 pounds product is an ideal one to have in the house.

Because of the lightweight, it has great portability. The power cord is 15 feet long. Additionally, there is also cord wrap, carrying handle, wheels, and a hose measuring 6.5 feet. It assists in reaching hard to get places.

In the package, you will get the following accessories:

  • A Jet Nozzle
  • A Scrub Tool and Corner Tool
  • 2 Extension Wands
  • Mop Head and 2 Microfiber Pads
  • Squeegee
  • Measuring Cup
  • 2 Nylon Utility Brushes and Brass Utility Brush
  • Scrub Pad and Sponge Pad for Corner Tool

The large capacity tank allows containing 48 ounces of water. You can heat it within eight minutes, and use it for 45 minutes. It is suitable for almost all types of floor. Grout cleaning is easy and without hassle with this tool. The nylon and brass brushes let you clean the grout.

You can deep clean naturally all the areas without using chemicals. Doing it properly ensures there are no germs or bacteria. With great customer support, users will have a nice experience with this product.

What We Like:

  • It has an on-demand steam control facility.
  • The product is a multipurpose tool.
  • You can use it for a long time.
  • It is easy to use following the instruction manual.
  • The long hose covers a large area.

What We Don’t Like:

  • It takes longer to warm up properly.


PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner

PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner

The name itself says about the product. PurSteam is best for the capacity of cleaning and sanitizing with minimum time. You do not have to put a lot of effort into using it.

This product is effective from any other traditional mops available in the market. Just by using only water, you get to enjoy a fresh and clean area.

The triangle mop shape is unique. It helps you to reach difficult areas. The lightweight is very helpful for operating. It capable of holding 250ml of water.

The handheld steamer is built-in. You can clean grout with it easily. Only attaching the part, you need is enough. Let the steamer do the rest of the work. As there is no use of chemicals, this product is pet-friendly.

It has a very long cord that has a length of 16 feet. With the adjustable steam, clean as you want. The manufacturer has a two-year warranty for customers.

What We Like:

  • It has an affordable price.
  • The multifunctional facility is appealing.
  • It comes with a long hose.
  • The product is lightweight.
  • It has great portability.
  • This product is value for money.
  • It has positive reviews and ratings from the users.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The water tank capacity is comparatively small.


Bissell PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop

Bissell PowerFresh Pet Steam Mop

On the list of the best handheld steamer for grout, we have another Bissell product. This one is also a powerful steamer from the brand. They produce a good quality product. The customers are always giving positive comments about them.

This product is pet-friendly. So, when you clean, it becomes easier. There is a 2-in-1 steam mop, especially for pet owners. The lift-off pet model lets you control and maintain pet messes.

The handheld steamer is capable of cleaning the grout with utility brushes. They are specially for the grout. Altogether, there are thirteen accessories in the package. The steamer heats up very quickly.

The power rating of 1500 watts is capable of heating the water in just 30 seconds. The steam blast cleans the grout or any dirt and grime leaving it like new.

The package will contain:

  • Microfiber Scrubby Pad
  • Microfiber Soft Pad
  • Attachable Water Cup
  • A Microfiber Towel
  • Odor Eliminating Fragrance Discs
  • Window Squeegee
  • Flat Surface Tool
  • Bristle Tools
  • Fabric Steamer
  • Flat Scraper Tool
  • Grout Tool

The power cord is amazingly long. Its length is 25 feet. That means you do not have to worry about covering a long area. You can also customize the steam cleaning according to your wish.

What We Like:

  • The steamer is easy to operate.
  • It has a very long cord.
  • This product is pet-friendly.
  • It contains essential tools for cleaning.
  • You can clean grout without hassle.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The price may seem high for some users.
  • The weight of the product is slightly heavy.


PurSteam Handheld Steam Cleaner

PurSteam Handheld Steam Cleaner

This brand has the tagline of being the world’s best steamer. There is a reason for that. Their products are of high quality, multifunctional, and yet at a competitive price. This is difficult to offer.

You can clean grout and other places with this handheld steamer effectively. The components of the product are premium quality. And they are imported, perfect for use in the USA. For fast and effective cleaning, you can use it.

The hot pressurized steam is capable of removing grime, stains, grease, and bed bugs without the need for harmful chemicals. You easily operate the machine. The cord is short, measuring 9.8 feet. This length is perfect for small spaces.

The product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. There are nine accessories attached to the packaging. It is safe to use on different tiles, carpets, or wallpapers. So, it is a multipurpose product for cleaning.

It takes 3-4 minutes before warming up completely. The product has been designed for performing heavy duties. The attachments are also suitable for that.

The manufacturer includes the following tools:

  • A nylon and iron brush for grout cleaning
  • One straight nozzle
  • Bent nozzles an extension hose
  • Ironing brush
  • Cover
  • Straight nozzle
  • Measuring cup
  • Funnel

What We Like:

  • The attachments have made it a versatile product.
  • It is a durable product.
  • With the trigger lock, you do not need to press the trigger.
  • This tool is a good quality product.
  • It is safe and easy to use
  • The product’s lightweight makes it highly portable.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The instruction manual is not user-friendly.


Light ‘N’ Easy Steam Mop Cleaners

Light 'N' Easy Steam Mop Cleaners

This steam cleaner is another great tool for your house. From the name, you can already guess that it is a multipurpose product. It is a smart product that can control steam.

First of all, it takes only 30 seconds for warming up. So, it is faster than many other products. The steam blast is capable of cleaning any strong stain or grease without any ridge. This is a safe product for everyone in the house.

It has an intuitive smart switch. You can drop it upright position. Then it will cease the steam if you want brief breaks.

Get ready to unbox the following with the cleaner after purchase:

  • Microfiber mop pads- 3pcs
  • Jet nozzle- 1pc
  • Grout cleaning brushes- 2pcs
  • Window squeegee- 1pc
  • Extension hose- 1pc
  • Cylinder towel- 1pc

You can control the setting for the steam pressure. It will give you low, med, and high steam settings. So, depending on the place, product, or material this item will change the pressure. Grout cleaning has never been this easy.

This high-quality product comes with one year warranty. It makes you trust the brand and its products.

What We Like:

  • It has multifunctional use.
  • The product is easy to maneuver.
  • You can attach any accessory and do your cleaning work.
  • It is always easy to make it a handheld steamer and use the product.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The price is comparing to the benefits.


Vapamore Hand Held Steam Cleaner

Vapamore Hand Held Steam Cleaner

The last product on our list is the Vapamore MR-75. This steam cleaner offers a lifetime warranty. When companies provide such features, it makes the customers believe in the brand and its product. They can earn the trust of buyers.

The small product is portable. As it only weighs 3 lbs., it is lightweight as well. And this perfect for grouts and any other things. handheld steamer lessens your work.

You will be surprised by the variety of attached accessories. They make the steam cleaner an ideal product.

The product comes with the following attachments:

  • Steam hose and connector
  • Carrying case
  • Jet nozzle
  • Large stainless-steel brush
  • Nylon brush straight
  • Large nylon brush
  • Nylon grout brush
  • Nylon medium duty brush
  • Small brass brush
  • Large brass brush
  • Fabric steamer and squeegee
  • Cotton cover – 3pcs
  • Measuring cup
  • Detail scraper
  • Accessory storage bag
  • Accessory tool adapter

It can also perform heavy-duty. The 1000 watts power rating can heat the water to 210°F. It also takes less time to heat up. By using water, you can have a natural deep clean. There is no need for expensive chemicals.

What We Like:

  • It is a durable product.
  • The steam lasts for 20 minutes for your work.
  • Having a lightweight gives it portability.
  • It is a perfect product for deep cleaning.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The product is slightly overpriced.


How To Choose A Perfect Handheld Steam Cleaner

When the grout is dirty, it makes the whole space look dirty as well. So, cleaning it periodically is necessary. The best handheld steam cleaner for grout will let you clean whenever needed. While buying for your home make sure to consider the following things.


First of all, decide the purpose of buying a steam cleaner. If it is for the sole for the floor, then get a specific one for that. But, when you wish to use the product for the floor, wall, and other areas then it is different. It will be better to buy a multipurpose steam cleaner.

Water Capacity & Size

There are different sizes and capacities for the water tank of the steam cleaner. Depending on the area of your space, decide the size. Usually, when the water steam runs out, you need to let it cool.

The refill requires the tank to cool down completely. You can clean in one go. But for a large area, it may require more than one refill. So, choose the water tank capacity and size according to your space.

Attached Accessories

A nylon brush is essential for cleaning the grout. It gently cleans the dirt and does not damage the tiles. Another one is the brass brush. It is a hard one. You do not want to use it until the dirt is tough to clean.

Other than that, if the steam cleaner is a multipurpose one, there should be extra accessories. The package will contain 15-18 pieces of accessories like extension hoses, carpet gliders, floor mops, corner brushes, squeegees, and similar useful items.

Warmup Time

Regular steam cleaners need an average of three to four minutes to warm up. This can delay other activities of yours. On the other hand, handheld steam cleaners take 30 seconds or so for heating. So, it is more convenient.

When the machine is ready in a short time, it also boosts your energy level to work quickly. You can get it done and move onto another task.


While choosing the best handheld steam cleaner for grout, the power rating is a crucial factor. It decides the steam pressure power. The manufacturers commonly provide 1000-1500W for the machine. Depending on your energy system select the suitable one.

Brand Preference

While buying home appliances and machines, brands play a great role. If you have your tools from a specific brand giving good service, you may choose that.

Whatever you select, try to narrow it down to a few brands. If possible, to one brand. Companies with good brand values, customer ratings, customer support systems- are reliable. They should be on the top of your list.


This factor becomes essential when you have a big space. Every product has a cord attached to the machine. The length varies depending on the model or brand.

For small places 7-9 feet long cords are enough. Some of the products have up to 20 feet long cords. They are ideal for spacious areas. You can move around with the machine while cleaning. So, it ensures portability.

Also, keep an eye on the weight. The too heavy cleaner will not give you easy portability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best steam cleaner for cleaning grout?

There is no doubt that steam cleaners are best for cleaning grout. Those steam cleaners will also help you clean different things and areas of the place. Different brands are popular for their product in this category. So, it is not easy to pick one. The best one for us may not be the best suited for you. But we can only suggest you from our research and review. Products from Bissell can be your best choice while buying. There are different models and price ranges of Bissell steam cleaner. Find the one you think is best for you. They have a good reputation in the market.

Do steam cleaners work on grout?

Steam cleaners can be the best solution to clean the grouts. It is a power tool for cleaning grout from tiles. The machine releases steam directly on them. With the nozzles containing nylon or brass brushes, it works perfectly. You need to scrub the grout while steaming. Then rinse it with water and enjoy a clean space.

What do professional grout cleaners use to clean grout?

If your space is big then calling the professionals is the best idea. Many people are working in this sector. And they are pros in their jobs. To clean grout, they use hot water vapor of low-pressure. They blast steams directly onto the grouts. Then, safely eject the germs, bacteria, and dirt particles from the grout surface. The professionals also use a mixture to clean sometimes. That compound contains one teaspoon of dish soap, half a cup of hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda each. Overall, they know what to do for completing their job efficiently. They can clean grouts from any type of tiles without damaging them.  Additionally, the cleaners also apply a seal that protects and makes cleaning easier in the future. So, without worrying call the professionals for the best result without hassle.

How do you use a steam cleaner for grout?

By using a steam cleaner machine, you can easily clean the grout of the tiles. Just follow the below steps and you will be able to clean like a pro-You should start by cleaning the space where you will use the machine. If it is the floor, sweep and damp-mop the tile. In the case of the wall, use a sponge to clean the wall. Use mild cleaner if you want. This will help you get rid of the excess dirt on the surface. Next, set the steamer for cleaning. Follow the instruction manual of the manufacturer to select the hose, brush size, and temperature. Usually, nylon brushes are enough. But if the dirt is stubborn, you may need to use the brass brush. Now it is time to steam and scrub. Turn on the steam according to the spray rate. Scrub the grout directly with back-and-forth strokes. Work on small sections for cleaning best. It will get dirty once you start scrubbing. In that case, rinse the area. If it is not clean, repeat the scrubbing process. Refill and reheat the machine as many times as you need. When you are satisfied, give the final rinse and clean the space. Lastly, you can seal the grout using sealers. There are two types available. Based, on the need, choose the best sealer.

Final Verdict

grout cleaner becomes necessary when there is more space to cover. Doing it manually is not only tiring but also a waste of time. Using a machine will do the cleaning efficiently.

The best steam cleaner tag is always there in the product. But make sure to know what you are looking for. Buying without proper information can also limit usage.

If you use a brush that makes it hard to clean. Also, the germs and bacteria remain the same. You need to get rid of them for living clean. The reviewed products are the best options to consider. When you do choose and make the final decision, have a look at them.

The ultimate best handheld steam cleaner for grout is the one you are comfortable with. Among all the products, it the combination of your preference that will benefit you. So, choose the product wisely.

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