Can You Clean Windows With A Steam Cleaner?

Sparkling, streak-free glass windows are a perfect supplement to your home’s attraction. They brighten up your space and give you a perfect, transparent view of the outdoors.

However, to keep them in such condition, you must do regular cleaning. But how many times have you done so and still thought you could do it better? Have you asked yourself, “Can I clean windows with a steam cleaner?”

Steam cleaning uses hot vapor to loosen dirt and grime, kill bacteria, and remove germs. It yields perfect results on countertops, floors, upholstery, carpets, and other places. Many homeowners wonder if using it could be safe for glass windows, and that’s what this article discusses today.

Can You Clean Windows With A Steam Cleaner? 1

By the end of the article, you shall know if using a steam cleaner is safe for your glass windows and learn more. But if you need a straight answer to the main question above, here it is.

Can You Clean Windows With A Steam Cleaner?

Yes, you can use a steam cleaner to effectively brighten up your windows by removing all dirt and grime and leaving your windows streak-free.

Will A Steam Cleaner Crack Windows?

A steam cleaner will crack your window if you’re using it in cold weather conditions. The difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the window will cause it to crack. Therefore, be careful not to steam your windows when temperatures are low outside, especially during winter.

How Do You Use A Handheld Steamer To Clean Windows?

Step 1: Prepare The Window And The Steamer

Start by preparing your workspace. Move all furniture around windows away to remain with ample working space. Place a rag under the window, preferably on the sill, to capture excess water. This helps to protect your flooring and or carpet from staining.

Then, fill your steam cleaning machine ensuring that you follow all the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not add water to the tank beyond the mark. Then, plug in the machine and switch it on for the water to start heating. Once the water turns into steam, you’re ready to start steaming your windows.

Step 2: Steam All Parts of The Window

Start steaming the window, but from a distance at first so that the glass gets used to the heat gradually as you move the nozzle closer. Otherwise, the glass may crack due to sudden thermal stress. But if it’s very cold outside, avoid steam cleaning until temperatures rise again.

Meanwhile, apply steam in vertical strokes, ensuring that you blast all dirty areas. Cover all edges and flat areas by moving in a distinct pattern.

Step 3: Use The Squeegee To Remove All Water

Immediately after the step above, don’t wait for long before you start using the squeegee to wipe the condensed water on your window glasses. You need to be quick because the oils might cool down again, making them hard to deal with.

In horizontal motions, squeegee the window glass surface starting from the top towards the bottom.

Also, wipe down the frame using a piece of towel or rag. Meanwhile, the piece of cloth that you placed on the sill should collect all the dirty water wiped from your window and its frame, protecting your floors from staining.

Meanwhile, always apply steam whenever you’re wiping the window and you notice that some oil has cooled down again.

Squeegee To Remove All Water from windows

Step 4: Wipe All Remaining Drops And Streaks

Lastly, use a piece of towel to wipe down all the remaining condensed water and streaks. We recommend doing it in a circular motion to achieve the best results. Wipe the frames, too.

When you’re done, your windows should all be crystal clear. You can always repeat the same process from step 1 in the rare case that your results aren’t appealing.

Can You Steam Clean uPVC Windows?

uPVC windows are sophisticated insulating windows mainly made for energy efficiency. They have an extremely low thermal conductivity, are easy to maintain, and last longer.

That’s why they’re loved by most homeowners across the world. But can you steam clean uPVC windows? The answer is a straight yes. But you should be careful not to use steam at very high temperatures. We recommend heating the machine to about 80°F.

Can I Steam Clean Glass Shower Doors?

Yes, you can steam clean your shower doors and successfully remove hard water deposits, stains, grime, and mineral buildup. Steaming yields better results with less effort as compared to manual scrubbing. The process is as follows:

  • Step 1: – Prepare your steam cleaner as described above.
  • Step 2: – Spray the glass shower door with vinegar using a spray bottle. Let it rest for about three minutes.
  • Step 3: – Use a brush, preferably one made of Nylon, to scrub the door from top to bottom while steaming it.
  • Step 4: – Spray it with vinegar once again and use the squeegee attachment on your steam cleaner to wipe it from top to bottom. You may squeegee it more than once until you achieve the desired results. Meanwhile, if the process hasn’t yielded desirable results, you can repeat it.

Does Steam Remove Hard Water Spots on Glass?

Yes, steam cleaning is an excellent method to get rid of limescale (hard water spots) from glass. The high heat produced breaks down all the lime scale and mineral deposits while killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

What’s better, steam cleaning is safe and non-toxic as it only uses pure water. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about chemical contamination to you, your children, or your pets.

The Bottom Line

So, can you clean windows using a steam cleaner? Yes, you can. Steam cleaning is an environment-friendly way to easily get rid of dirt, grime, stains, and germs from your windows.

However, to avoid breaking the glass, you shouldn’t steam when temperatures outside are too low nor should you use very hot steam abruptly on the glass. Meanwhile, if you follow all the steps described above, you’ll get it done perfectly and safely.

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