Can You Put Scented Water in Steam Mops?

Steam cleaners are a godsend if you’re determined to cut back on harmful chemicals while getting rid of dirt, grime, and stains. However, they make you miss that after-cleaning scent usually contained in cleaning products. That might leave you asking, “Can I use scented water in a steam mop?” We have your answer.

Is it Safe To Put Scented Water in A Steam Mop?

Yes. You can put recommended scented water in steam mops. Any unapproved type of scented water will void your machine’s warranty and shorten its life.

Do You Need Scented Water in Steam Mops?

Very few things are as refreshing as a scented, freshly mopped floor. The pleasant smell of “freshness” gives you the feeling that the floor is indeed clean. But if you’re using a steam mop, you won’t mind about fragrance as the machine primarily needs pure water to function efficiently. But many people ask, “Do I need scented water in a steam mop?”

Well, it’s not an essential requirement. A steam mop needs only pure water to function properly. Matters related to smell are personal. And, using fragrance-loaded products can have negative health effects on your pets and children.

They can also destroy parts of the machine and void its warranty. Such chemicals may include formaldehyde, bleaches, and phenols just to mention a few.

So, while it’s nice to enjoy scents, steam cleaners do not need them to improve their efficiency. Instead, they can cause harm to the machine, your pets, and your children. But if you insist on getting some fragrance while using your steam mop, we got your answer.

What Can I Use To Add Scent To My Steam Mop?

As already mentioned, there is a recommended product to use with your steam mop if you need some fragrance after cleaning. Scented water for steam mops is available in the market. They’re friendly to pets and children and do not damage your machine. Also, they can’t void your warranty.

The product is simply demineralized, scented water and not a solution of water and something else. And, there are many types of scents to choose from. Therefore, you can choose your favorite smell or purchase a variety and keep changing them for a wide range of smells.

But you must keep the price factor in mind, too, as this product isn’t very affordable. That’s why we recommend it to people using it on relatively smaller surfaces.

Is it Safe to Use Essential Oils in A Steam Mop?

No. It’s not recommended that you add essential oils to your machine’s water tank. Oils are thick, so they’ll clog the insides of your machine. The result is server damage and frequent repairs. You may also void the warranty of your machine.

But if you really want to use essential oils with your steam mop, there are ways to go through it. Firstly, you can add a few drops to your floor and use the pad to distribute it around, or add a few drops to the pad itself and carry on with the steam cleaning process. Whichever your choice, ensure that you do it carefully.

Can I Use Vinegar in A Steam Mop?

The answer is a straight no. Steam mops aren’t designed to be used with vinegar, even though it’s used to descale the machine. While it can destroy the parts, vinegar doesn’t also smell good when heated. Therefore, it will be harmful both to your health and the machine, although in the long run.

Can I Use Perfume With My Steam Mop?

Again, no. You cannot use perfume with your steam cleaner as it’s equally unrecommended, and it can be damaging to the machine and your health alike. Perfumes give off a foul smell when heated up, so you may not like the experience. What’s more, some perfumes will block the openings in your steam cleaner and make it dysfunctional as a result.

Is There Homemade Scented Water For Steam Mops?

Recommended scented water usually comes in small bottles despite their high costs. That means it can be too costly or impossible to use them for larger surfaces. What’s worse, users often complain that the scent doesn’t last as long as expected by the user. In such cases, it’s wise to think along the line of preparing homemade scented water.

While it’s a good idea, making a pure product that can be used with your steam mop without negative effects is a mission impossible.

Firstly, the product shouldn’t affect your machine, neither should it have an impact on your health. But that doesn’t mean that there are no alternatives to the recommended scented water.

You can add some natural essential oils to the mop itself (not the water tank). Oils like peppermint, lavender oil, and essential eucalyptus oil are highly recommended.

Push the mop around to distribute the oils on the floor for a refreshing fragrance at the end of the process. You can also add drops of the oil on the floor/surface that you want to clean.

The Bottom Line

We all love the fragrance that comes with scented cleaning products but steam mops seem to ‘spoil the fun’ since they use only pure water. Luckily, there are recommended products that add fragrance to the experience.

We hope you enjoyed the read and are on your way to get whichever product that will make your floor and surfaces smell good when cleaned with a steam mop.

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