Does Steam Cleaning Remove Carpet Dents?

Also known as divots, carpet dents are simply imprints of furniture on your carpets. They occur when heavy furniture compresses the soft fibers of your carpet for a long time. You hardly notice them until when you move the furniture.

Honestly, many people feel unsettled seeing these imprints everywhere on their carpets, especially when they’re expecting guests. If you’re one of them, you must have asked yourself how to fix carpet imprints.

One tool that crosses the mind whenever homeowners have a problem with their carpets is the steam cleaner. One might ask, “Can a steam cleaner remove pressure marks on my carpet?” We help you answer this question based on experience and describe the process of using a steam cleaner to fix carpet imprints.

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Carpet Dents? 1

Likewise, we describe other methods that you can use to remove pressure marks on the new carpet without destroying the fibers.

Does Steam Cleaning Get Dents Out Of Carpet?

Yes, steam cleaning removes carpet dents effectively. The heat helps to fluff the carpet fibers back to their original shape, hence, doing away with the dents.

How To Get Furniture Dents Out of Carpet Using A Steam Cleaner

Before we delve into the step-by-step instructions, we advise you to make certain that your carpet can withstand steam cleaning. Meanwhile, here’s the process:

1.     Remove All Obstructions

Get rid of all furniture and all other obstructions from the affected area to remain with enough working space. You can move the furniture to one side of the room and still remain with sufficient space.

2.     Vacuum The Carpet

Before you start steam cleaning it, it’s advisable to vacuum the carpet first. Vacuuming helps to remove large particles that could hinder the functionality of your steam cleaner. Vacuum the dented sections and their surroundings.

3.     Fill The Machine With Distilled Water and Plug It In

Add the recommended amount of water to your machine’s water tank. Plug in the machine and let it heat the water to around 120°F. Test it to confirm if steam is coming out. If not, keep pulling the trigger until you see steam jetting out of the nozzle.

4.     Steam the Affected Area and Its Surroundings

Steam the affected area and its surroundings in a back-and-forth pattern. Do it slowly but thoroughly to ensure that the dented area feels the heat. Avoid staying over an area for long periods to prevent the carpet fibers from burning. Move to the next spot until you’re done with all the furniture dents.

5.     Allow The Carpet to Dry

Now, depending on the recommended drying method for your carpet, it’s time for it to dry. You may leave all windows open to allow for sufficient circulation of air, use a fan, turn on your floor blower, or take the carpet out for air-drying.

How To Prevent Dents in Carpet from Furniture

1. Move Furniture Regularly

Carpet dents form as a result of your furniture compressing specific spots over long periods. You can move the furniture often to prevent pressure buildup and avoid these dents as a result.

Move your furniture for around two inches each month to avoid carpet dents. However, it’s clear that this method works best when the furniture isn’t large.

 2. Use Furniture Gliders 

Furniture gliders are pads placed under the feet of your furniture to prevent damage to the carpet fibers. One of its advantages is helping to spread the weight of your furniture evenly across more fibers so that less pressure is felt across more fibers. This way, dents won’t form easily.

3. Use Carpets with Shorter Piles

Carpets with shorter piles aren’t only easier to clean but also more resistant to furniture dents. Therefore, if you’re about to replace your rugs and you’re already fed up with carpet dents, consider going for carpets with shorter piles as opposed to those with longer fibers.

Other Methods To Remove Furniture Dents From Carpet

1.     Using Ice Cubes

You can also use ice cubes to do away with carpet dents. However, you must ensure that you’re dealing with synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester. The process is pretty simple;

Start by identifying all the dents on your carpet and creating space for the exercise.

Then, fill each dent with ice cubes.

Leave the ice cubes to melt so that the fibers can absorb the water overnight.

In the morning, use a dry towel or rag to blot the area dry. It doesn’t have to dry completely.

Lastly, use your fingers, a carpet brush, or a spoon to fluff the fibers so that they can regain their original shape.

2.     Using A Blow Dryer

The same way a blow dryer adds volume to your hair, it can do the same to your carpet fibers. Start by spritzing water on the affected surface. You can use a bottle for this.

Let the water stay for about 20 minutes so that the fibers absorb it. Then, use your blow dryer to dry the dent. Run your fingers through the fibers to return them to their original shape. The Denys will disappear within no time.

3.     Using An Iron

Start by soaking a piece of towel and spreading it over the carpet dent.

Set your iron to standard heat settings and plug it in.

Iron over the towel as you would with a piece of cloth — slowly but thoroughly. Don’t press it against the towel too hard.

Leave the towel to dry up for about 20 minutes.

Remove it and vacuum the dented area as you would do it normally.

Will Carpet Dents Go Away on Their Own?

Yes, carpet dents will eventually go away on their own if given time. They are not usually permanent. As you’ve already learned, the dented fibers can be persuaded back to life. Likewise, the dented sections can be left to recover over time on their own.

The Bottom Line

Your question, “Does steam cleaning remove carpet dents” is now fully answered. Yes, steam cleaning gets rid of carpet dents using heat.

So, there’s no more need to worry about moving your furniture around during decoration or Feng Shui anymore. Use the steps described above for the best results.

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