How To Clean Your Steam Mop Pads Effectively

Of course, you need to clean your steam mop pads regularly not only to maintain their efficiency but also to extend their life. These pads usually absorb a lot of dirt and bacteria before they leave your flooring looking spic and span.

Unluckily, these materials get trapped inside the mop’s fabrics. Therefore, cleaning them regularly is advisable. But knowing how to do so is divine! 

How To Clean Your Steam Mop Pads Effectively 1

So today, we’re up to educating you on the best way to clean your steam mop pad so that you keep up with machine maintenance ethics while saving time and money. Whether you own the Bissell or Shark steam mop machine, this gem piece of information is for all.

Read on to discover the tips.

How Do I Clean My Steam Mop Pad?

You can clean your steam mop pad by hand washing, using the machine, or soaking. Your choice will depend on how deep it’s soiled and other factors.

Why Should I Clean My Steam Mop Pad?

You already understand that your steam mop pad will last longer and work more efficiently when regularly cleaned, don’t you? It’s great if you do. If you don’t, you just learned it. However, there are more specific reasons for cleaning it as follows:

  • Cleaning the mop pad will increase its ability to pick up grime, light dirt, dust, and bacteria. Otherwise, a dirty one will also make your floor dirty.
  • You get to thwart bacterial growth and its effects by cleaning your steam mop pad after every use.
  • The pad will last longer and look better if cleaned regularly. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about frequent replacement costs.

Steps To Follow For Successful Cleaning Of Your Steam Mop Pads

Whether you want to clean a stained or lightly soiled steam mop pad, we got your back! The following steps will help you get rid of dirt and bacteria from them to ensure they live longer and work better. 

Washing By Hand

If your steam mop pad is lightly soiled, you don’t need to do much to make it clean. A simple wash by hand can do the trick. To do it efficiently, follow these steps:

  • Mix a tablespoon of baking soda and a quarter cup of laundry detergent in a large bucket with hot water.
  • To the mixture, add your mop pad and use your hand to wash it for a few minutes.
  • Rinse the pads in clean water.

Using the Washing Machine

You can also use your washing machine to clean your steam mop pads if they are moderate to deeply soiled. The machine can help you kill bacteria if set to the right temperature.

  • Set the washing machine to the delicate cycle with a temperature of 160°F (this helps to kill bacteria). Add a moderate amount of detergent before throwing the pad into the machine.
  • You can set the cycle to at least 25 minutes for deeply soiled pads or less for moderately soiled pads.
  • Give it a rinse until all detergent is cleared.


This is the best one for deeply soiled steam mop pads. It kills all bacteria and does away with stains. Navigate the following procedure to make it successful:

  • To a bowl of hot water, add a tablespoon of baking soda plus three tablespoons of detergent (or more as required). Mix properly.
  • Dip your pad inside this mixture and let it soak for 20-50 minutes.
  • Remove the pad and run it through a delicate cycle in your washing machine until all detergent is washed away.

Precautionary Measures To Take While Cleaning Your Steam Mop Pad

Do Not Use Bleach:

However much your mop pad is stained, don’t give a second thought to using any type of bleach. The product will weaken your pad’s fabrics and cause it to wear out faster.

Avoid Fabric Softeners:

They often leave some residue on fabrics, which can, in turn, slow down their ability to pick dirt from your floor. If the softener is used in excess, it may also cause stains on your floor. Beware of this.

Drying And Storing Steam Mop Pads

After washing them, you need to let your steam mop pads dry before the next use. Proper drying prevents the pads from moisture build-up, molds, and odors. You can either use the tumble dryer or resort to air-drying.

The latter is more eco-friendly and economical, leave alone safe for the fabric. If you’re using the dryer, please tumble your pads on low heat to ensure that you’re treating them delicately. Otherwise, we recommend air-drying.

Store your steam mop pads in a clean and dry environment without moisture. Please avoid damp environments that can introduce moisture. Meanwhile, remember to check your pads for any holes and or torn spots and repair (or replace) them before next use.

Clean Or Dispose Of Steam Mop Pads?

Steam mop pads that are made from microfiber and cotton are meant for reuse after cleaning. However, they wear out and tear with time. When they do so, they need to be replaced.

Please note that some wearing out or testing may only call for repair. Otherwise, non-reusable pads are also available, and they should be replaced after every use.

The Bottom Line

The steps above will help you clean your steam mop pads correctly and effectively. Remember to repeat the process after every use because these pads accumulate dirt during use.

Also, don’t forget to avoid fabric softeners and bleach whenever cleaning your steam mop pad. When you realize that the pads are wearing out, it’s time to replace them with new ones for a better cleaning experience.

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