All Laundry Detergent Reviews: Should You Buy This?

Detergent is something you use regularly and often do not pay much attention to. It is only when you are setting out to buy it that you notice a familiar packet and decide whether you should buy the larger pack or the smaller one.

However, at times, when you have people with sensitive skin around the house, you have to look deeper.

Apparently, detergent can cause different kinds of irritation if they contain the wrong ingredients or one ingredient that causes allergy. Furthermore, you also have to consider things like how well the detergent cleans and how long it lasts.

Therefore, you cannot always just go out and buy the same detergent over and over again. Sometimes you are forced to explore.

In order to aid you in that exploration, we made this All Laundry Detergent reviews up. Through this, you will know everything you have to know about this detergent and then you can decide whether you want to start using it by giving it a try or not.

All Liquid Laundry Detergent, Free Clear for Sensitive Skin

Thumbs Up For
  • It cleans the allergens and dirt particles really well form the clothes.
  • The concentrated liquid dissolves well in hot water and lasts a long time too.
  • It is very safe for use.
  • People with sensitive skin will face no trouble using this detergent.
  • It is compatible with most washing machines.
  • Good value for the price.
Thumbs Down For
  • It does not do so well with cold water.
  • The bottle is not very well designed- the lid is hard to open and it also leaks.

All Laundry Detergent Reviews: The Features

The features of this detergent make it stand out from others and what makes it stand out from others may be what you need in your life when washing clothes. So, let’s check the features out.

2X Concentrated Liquid Detergent

As you use the detergent to wash clothes almost regularly, you have to worry about how long a bottle will last. Luckily, this liquid detergent comes in a concentrated form so you do not have to mix too much of it with the water.

A little amount will clean a huge load so you can rely on this detergent to last long. Furthermore, it is liquid so it will dissolve quite easily. Apparently, one bottle of this liquid can handle around 110 loads of clothes.

Keeps clothes Safe

If you have a house full of people with sensitive skin then you may be able to rely on this detergent. Apparently, it has a formula and texture that can deal with any kind of dirt and dust on the clothes. It can be minute pollens, dander, dust mite matter, etc.

No matter how small the enemy is, this detergent can deal with the dirt of the clothes and make it completely safe for use. Therefore, even people with sensitive skin will not face any irritation wearing the clothes that have been washed using this detergent.

In fact, there are instances where the use of this detergent was so safe that previous rashes from other detergents went away.

A Hypoallergenic Formula

Not only does this detergent clean the dirt away but it also does so in a way that it itself causes no harm to the people wearing the clothes it washed.

Apparently, this detergent has no dyes nor any perfumes in it that could cause allergies. Thus, people who sneeze many times a day or even get rashes due to allergy will not face any such problem.

This is because this detergent is completely safe for people with allergies.

High Efficient (HE)

This detergent is quite considerate when it comes to using water. It easily dissolves in a small amount of water. However, it is best if you use hot water because that is when the detergent is in its prime condition.

Now, it has been certified by HE so it is compatible with most washing machines. So, if you already own a washing machine and were worried if it could work with this detergent- there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

The Ease of Use.

You can use this detergent with other products of the company like fabric softener and all- the results will be overwhelming (Positively). What you may face a bit of a problem with is the packaging and the bottle. Apparently. The bottle seems to leak and the lid does not have the best design. You may have a hard time opening the lid and dispensing the liquid.

Who is it for?

If people in your house have sensitive skin and are not fond of smells then this detergent may be able to serve you right. While it is not the best at removing stains, it does clean the clothes of regular dirt, allergens, and smaller particles really well.

The Price

Luckily, this detergent offers quite a good value for the price. It lasts a while and you can wash a substantial amount of clothes with it in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will it work on cashmere fabric?

it is best not to use on such fabric.

Does it work well with front load washing machines?

Yes, it works just fine with any kind of washing machine.

Does it contain parabens?

No, it does not contain anything as harmful as parabens.

Does it contain a brightener?

Yes, it has a brightening agent in it.


Final Verdict

You see, if you have sensitive skin then you have this All Laundry detergent as an option. It is reasonably priced and will offer you a good value by lasting long enough.

If your main enemies are the smaller dirt particles rather than the stains then this detergent will be perfect for you. Even if you have babies with allergies in your house, you can rely on this detergent.

The main drawback comes in the form of its ill-designed bottle. That should not cause a lot of trouble as you can always make some changes to the bottle to get the liquid detergent out just the way you like it.

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