Does Steam Cleaning Kill Carpet Moths?

Carpet moths are small household textile pests that live and feed on carpets with any wool content. If left untreated, they can cause costly damage to your carpet, or worse, spread to other areas of the house and destroy your cupboard, expensive clothes, and other stuff.

Due to their damage and irritation, many homeowners are looking for ways to exterminate carpet moths. And although there are many ways to get rid of carpet moths, many people are asking about steam cleaning. The question is; can steam cleaning kill Carpet moths?

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Carpet Moths? 1

Yes. Steam cleaning kills carpet moths effectively at all stages of life without chemicals. It also removes dust, eradicates stains, and clears residue and grease from carpets.

How Does Steam Cleaning Kill Carpet Moths?

A steam cleaner uses vaporized water to clean, deodorize, and disinfect various surfaces. Water is heated to high temperatures (up to 325 °F) to produce vapor.

Such steam is hot enough to break adhesive forces between various surfaces and dirt, plus, kill small insects like bedbugs, moths, fleas, and their eggs.

Likewise, water vapor particles are tiny enough to penetrate the nooks and crannies where most carpet moths hide. Such places are usually hard to reach with chemicals.

How To Use A Steam Cleaner To Get Rid Of Carpet Moths

Now that you understand a couple of details about carpet moths and the fact that steam cleaning can get rid of them, it’s time to take action. And to do this effectively, you have to be methodological. We got you covered by the following effective steps to removing carpet moths by steam cleaning.

Step 1: – Identify The Pests or Their Signs

Of course, you first need to confirm that you have an infestation before considering the cleaning process. Moths live in undisturbed areas with a lot of dirt and darkness.

Check these areas if you can see signs of them or their eggs. You can also check your fabrics for any holes, which are also a likely indicator of an infestation.

Alternatively, you can attract them to see if they’re around. Use food particles and or pheromone traps to attract them. While pheromone traps are more effective, they only attract male carpet moths (sexually), leaving the female ones free to continue breeding.

Note: – If you’re using pheromone traps, kindly choose the environment-friendly types.

Step 2: – Clear The Area

There’s a need to remove all furniture and everything else that might distract you from reaching all corners of your carpet with the steam cleaner. Put them away to get plenty of space for you and your steam cleaner to move around.

Step 4: – Steam Clean Thoroughly

It is now time to get rid of the pests correctly and thoroughly. Start by preparing your steam cleaner. Plug it on and let the water heat to not less than 125°F. Make sure that your carpet is safe for steam cleaning before starting to clean it.

Now, move your steam cleaner slowly over the carpet in a distinct pattern, ensuring that every area is cleaned. If the machine runs out of water, add more, heat it again, and start over the process.

Step 5: – Vacuum The Carpet

While steam cleaning kills carpet moths, loosens dirt, grease, and stains, you need something else to remove them completely from the surface. Our best recommendation, in this case, is a vacuum. Use a powerful vacuum to suck up all the debris loosened by your steam cleaner for a clear surface.

Other Ways To Remove Carpet Moths From Your Home

Apart from steam cleaning, you can use a few other methods to get rid of carpet moths from your surfaces. Here they are:

1.     Washing Fabrics Regularly

Regular washing of fabrics can remove moths from them. Check the fabrics’ washing instructions and do it accordingly to remove carpet moth eggs from them.

If possible, pass them through a hot dryer to further make survival conditions unfavorable for the insects. If your fabrics can’t be put in a hot dryer, you can place them in the freezer to kill moths.

2.     Using Pheromone Traps

As already mentioned, pheromone traps are effective at trapping and killing carpet moths. However, they only eradicate male ones. The trap uses a sticky substance to trap these pests. Once a month steps on the substance, it will stay glued there until death.

3.     Consider Using Chemicals

There are a plethora of chemical products you can purchase to kill carpet moths. Most of them are effective but all aren’t eco-friendly. While using them, ensure that you and your family are well-protected to avoid adverse allergic reactions.

Keeping Carpet Moths Away

Another question homeowners ask is, “How can I prevent carpet moths from entering my home?” Well, there are many ways but these are the most effective:

1.     Do Regular Cleanings

To begin with, regular cleaning is the most effective way to keep carpet moths at bay. You can vacuum your surfaces regularly to suck up and kill the pests and wash your clothes to remove eggs and larvae. Also, steam clean the surfaces thoroughly and regularly to kill the insects. You can consult a specialist to advise you on the frequency of cleaning.

2.     Use Repellents

Repellents make the environment inhabitable for carpet moths. You can use homemade repellents like thyme and rosemary, or artificially-made alternatives like vinegar, cedar, and peppermint oil to ward them off.

3.     Store Unseasonal Fabrics and Keep Away Food

Another effective way to prevent an infestation is to wash, dry, and store away clothes that you don’t use regularly. Carpet moths will get access to fewer breeding areas when you do this. They will also get access to less food when you store your food in airtight containers from which they cannot spill.

The Bottom Line

There you go; steam cleaning effectively kills carpet moths, especially when used alongside a vacuum. Add to it regular washing and the use of repellents, your house will stay devoid of these destructive pests forever.

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