Does Steam Cleaning Remove Pet Dander?

Pet dander consists of small skin flakes shed from cats, dogs, birds, and other pets with fur or feathers. The shreds of skin are usually microscopic and can easily be transported through the air. When pets move around the house, dander can also drop on your floor, upholstery, bed, and other areas.

Airborne pet dander can enter the mucous membranes of humans’ noses and lungs to cause allergic reactions like allergic rhinitis in some individuals.

When the flakes build up over long periods, they can lead to a bad smell around the house. They’re also a source of food for dust mites, so they could facilitate even more allergic reactions over time.

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Pet Dander

If you need to remove pet dander from your home, you might have thought about using a steam cleaner. The question is, “does Steam cleaning remove pet dander?”

Does Steam Cleaning Remove Pet Dander?  

Yes, steam cleaning removes pet dander if done correctly. It also kills bacteria, eliminates some viruses, and loosens dirt. You can read more about these in this article.

How To Steam Clean Correctly For Pet Dander:

Steam cleaning is an effective way to remove pet dander. When used alongside other methods like vacuuming, maximum results can be realized. Here is how to do it:

1.     Prepare The Area

Start by covering any central vents that could allow the spread of dander through the air while you’re steam cleaning. If you have washable fabrics around, collect and add them to the washing machine with high heat settings. Clear the room that you want to steam clean, as you need to cover all affected areas without distraction.

2.     Vacuum The Area

Then, sweep or vacuum the area that you want to work on properly, including your carpet, the floor, and other surfaces. Vacuuming or sweeping helps to remove all loose dander, microorganisms, sand particles, and dirt. We advise that you use a vacuum with a high-efficiency air filter.

3.     Prepare The Steam Cleaning Machine

Now, fill the steam cleaning machine’s water tank with clean water only. Plug it in and leave it to heat to around 120° Fahrenheit. Plug it out. Pull the trigger to allow excess water to jet out until you start seeing steam.

The machine is now ready to work. You can add a mop attachment at the head of the machine to help with steaming non-machine washable upholstery.

4.     Clean Thoroughly But Slowly

When you start steaming, ensure that you do it slowly to increase the chances of loosening all dirt and killing all bacteria. Also, move in a specific pattern to make certain that you cover all areas. If you’re using a cloth attachment, ensure that you check it regularly if it requires a replacement.

Aftercare Measures To Control Pet Dander:

You may have removed all the pet dander from your house but shedding doesn’t stop as long as you still have pets around. That’s why you need the following methods to keep the situation in control.

1.  Groom Your Pet

You must be grooming them already, but to keep dander in control, you might need to do more. For example, consider brushing off your pet’s fur to remove the danger in a designated area. Also, remember to wash your pet regularly to avoid pet dander falling onto your sheets and carpet.

2. Use High-quality Air Filters

Consider installing high-quality air filters that prevent the flakes from moving into the air and settling on your bed, couches, kitchen, and other places. If you already have top-quality air filters, ensure that you replace them frequently.

3.  Use Mattress Sheets

Mattress sheets not only help to keep your mattress clean but also prevents pet dander from finding its way to your mattress. Using them will keep your mattresses clean while helping you do away with all dander that has been collected on them. Wash the sheets regularly.

4.  Clean Regularly

You now understand how to steam clean your home for pet dander and other unwanted dirt and microorganisms. We advise that you do it once every month while vacuuming once per week.

But if someone in your household is allergic to the flakes, or you have more pets (hence more dander produced), you can steam twice a month and vacuum twice each week, too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You See Pet Dander?

Yes, you can see larger pet dander, though most of them are too small to see using the naked eye; thus, you need a microscope. But no matter the size, their allergy effects are enormous.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pet Dander Allergy?

Allergic reactions to pet dander are always triggered by the proteins found in animal skin. The symptoms of pet dander allergy include but are not limited to the following:

1. Postnasal drop
2. Cough
3. Runny nose
4. Sneezing
5. Nasal congestion
6. Itchiness in the roof of the mouth and nose

How Long Does Pet Dander Stay In A House?

Pet dander can stay on a surface for as long as six months, even after the pet has left that house. Cat dander is known to stay longer than dog dander because they’re always lighter.

Does Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Dander? 

Yes, proper and regular carpet cleaning removes pet dander completely. You can use a steam cleaner alongside a vacuum to get rid of the skin flakes regularly. Alternatively, you can hire a carpet cleaning company to do it for you.

Does Opening Windows Help With Pet Dander?

Pet dander is lightweight and can be carried away by air. Therefore, opening windows will help you get rid of some of them through outgoing air; thus, controlling allergies.

The Bottom Line

Steam cleaning, if done correctly, makes a whole world of difference in getting rid of pet dander and other allergens from your home. It also helps you do away with dirt, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

We’ve described how to steam clean your house to remove pet dander above. Use these tips to free your house of the tiny flakes and kill bacteria. You’re good to go.

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