Does Steam Cleaning Kill Parvo?

The canine parvovirus, also known as simply parvo, is a very contagious type of virus that mainly affects dogs. With a high mortality rate that can go up to a whopping 91%, Parvo is the last thing that any pet owner can think about having in his home.

A simple contact (direct or indirect) with an infected dog can make your dog suffer the effects of the parvovirus. Likewise, if an infected dog comes in contact with walls, the virus can stay there for as long as several months.

Cleaning your home using a steamer is one of the best ideas you can have for doing away with these dangerous viruses.

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Parvo

But is it effective?

Does Steam cleaning kill parvo?

Read on for more information about this. We not only answer this question but also describe how to steam clean your home correctly and thoroughly. We also educate you more about the parvovirus.

Does Steam Cleaning Kill Parvo?

Yes, steam cleaning destroys kills the parvovirus using high heat. The virus will get destroyed and die at or above 212°F and above. Most steam cleaners can heat up to 245°F.

How Do You Steam Clean Parvo?

If you’re desperate to understand how to go about steam cleaning your upholstery, carpets, walls, and other surfaces with parvo, we got your back. Follow these verified steps for assured success:

1.     Get The Right Steam Cleaner

Start by ensuring that you have the correct steam cleaner that will reach temperatures at or above 212°F for eliminating parvo. Most steam cleaners can heat temperatures to 245°F, with some having the ability to reach 300+°F. You can also search for a machine that can allow you to add various carpet cleaners without getting damaged.

2.     Prepare The Space

Then, clear the room so that you have ample working space. Remove all electronics, wall charts, and any other thing that could be destroyed by the hot steam. Ensure that you have enough space to move around and reach all corners, cracks, and crevices.

3.     Prepare The Steam Cleaner

Add enough distilled water to the machine’s tank. If your machine can work with parvo products, add a sufficient amount of the recommended product. Plug it in and let it heat to 220°F. Plug it out.

Then, pull the trigger until you see steam coming out. Attach a steam mop cloth to the head of the machine and start the cleaning process as described below.

4.     Clean Slowly But Thoroughly

The parvovirus is quite resistant to heat. That’s why it only dies at 212°F. Therefore, it’s important to clean slowly to ensure that every section of your carpet, upholstery, or wall is heated properly. Also, ensure that you cover all areas by cleaning in a defined pattern.

5.     Vacuum And Let Dry

After steam-cleaning it’s important to give everything time to dry up. If you’ve been cleaning carpets, consider taking them out for sun drying. But before doing that, you should vacuum them to get rid of the dead virus and other loose particles.

How Do I Clean My Couch From Parvo?

The safest way to clean your couch for parvo is using a steam cleaner. While bleach is also often effective, it has a decolorizing effect. So it won’t be safe for couches. Therefore, simply follow the steps described above to get rid of all parvo from your couch. We advise you to regularly repeat the process to keep killing the viruses and you’ll finally forget about them over time.

How Do I Clean My House If My Dog Has Parvo?

There are several ways to clean your house after discovering that your dogs have parvo. Whichever method you choose to use for eradicating these viruses from your house will depend on several factors.

For example, bleach is known to completely kill the virus but you can’t use it on surfaces with frail colors. Likewise, steam cleaning kills parvo at 212°F but can’t be used on surfaces that are less resistant to heat.

Therefore, we recommend that you sort all the contaminated things in your house and use the appropriate method. For example, you can throw machine washable fabrics into the laundry machine with hot water settings slightly above 212°F while steam cleaning your couches, upholstery, and mattresses.

At the same time, consider using bleach on colorfast materials and surfaces. This way, you’ll kill most of the viruses. When combined with consistency, you can get the best results.

Does Rescue Cleaner Kill Parvo?

Rescue is a disinfectant brand that’s marketed as an all-in-one solution for cleaning animal environments. We tested the Rescue cleaner and indeed discovered its effectiveness in killing parvo.

So, yes, Rescue kills parvo. The solution is made of a small portion of hydrogen peroxide, chelating agents, wetting agents, and various types of surfactants. Follow these steps to use it for disinfecting your house for parvo:

Step 1: – Mix a gallon of distilled water with 8 oz of Rescue solution in a small container. Allow it to mix for 5 minutes. You may also purchase the ready-to-use solution. Whichever the case, proceed to step 2 below.

Step 2: – Transfer the solution into a spray bottle and sprinkle it on all affected areas. Remember to use protective gear like masks, globes, gumboots, and others.

Step 3: – Allow a contact time of 5 minutes for the diluted solution and 2 minutes for the ready-to-use solution.

Step 4: – After this time has elapsed, clean down disinfected areas. Repeat this once every week to lower the chances of more viruses infesting the area any time soon.

How Can I Prevent Parvo?

The first and best measure to take for preventing the parvovirus from attacking your dogs is to vaccinate them against the virus. Make sure that you vaccinate your dogs regularly with advice from the vet.

Meanwhile, if your dog or puppy missed some vaccines, keep it away from others. Also, do regular disinfection of your home.

The Bottom Line

So, will steam cleaning kill parvo? The answer is yes. Steam cleaning will kill parvo using heat. Luckily, you now understand how to go about it after going through this article.

What’s more, you’ve learned other ways to get rid of the virus using products like bleach and the Rescue cleaner. It’s now your turn to make your dogs healthy.

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