Kirkland Laundry Detergent Reviews

When you visit a store and look for laundry detergents, you will get so many options to choose from that you will get confused. In fact, all of us, in the end, resort to choosing the detergents that our families have used for years.

However, it is sometimes necessary to change- maybe because the previous detergents are not available or because they are not serving our purpose well.

Kirkland Laundry Detergent Reviews

Whatever the reason, it makes our choice even more difficult. Not only do you have various brands to compare but you also have to compare among the various products each brand offers.

Do you know the first step to choosing the right laundry detergent for yourself?

It is to “Know thyself”.

Funny but you have to know what you are going to use the laundry detergent to find one that suits your purpose.

Now, Kirkland is quite a well-known brand for laundry detergents and it offers its products in various forms. As you figure out your needs, let us figure out two Kirkland products for you through this Kirkland Laundry Detergent reviews.

One of them is the Kirkland Signature Environmentally Responsible Liquid Laundry Detergent and the other one is Super Concentrate Powder of the same.

Let us start!

Signature Environmentally Responsible Liquid Laundry Detergent

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Thumbs Up For
  • Works well on white clothes leaving them brighter.
  • Quite an environment-friendly detergent.
  • Made from naturally derived ingredients.
  • It lasts for quite a while.
  • A very budget-friendly choice.
  • A strong lavender scent.
  • Very easy to dispense.
  • Compatible with most washing machines.
Thumbs Down For
  • It is not a great choice for sensitive skin.
  • It does not clean that well.

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Let us first check out the features of this detergent to see what it is capable of providing.

An Environmentally Responsible Detergent

The modern world requires modern properties. You cannot just jump in and buy any product without feeling a bit concerned about the impact it has on the environment, right? Because ultimately the impact comes back to you.

Fortunately, the Kirkland Signature liquid detergent considers the impact it can make on the environment and thus chooses not to. Apparently, it is made completely biodegradable.

So, you do not have to feel guilty about using this detergent. It will not have much of a footprint on the environment.

Naturally Derived Cleaning Ingredients.

If you have concerns about allergy, irritation, and other such things that detergents can cause, we cannot completely assure you that this detergent will not cause any.

Because in a few cases, it did cause rashes and irritated the skin. But, not in all cases.

While it claims to use naturally derived ingredients in it for cleaning, it is best if you avoid this liquid detergent if you have very sensitive skin. It is not worth the risk.

If your skin is not that sensitive then you can try this one out having faith in the naturally derived cleaning ingredients.

One Twenty Six Loads

When we buy anything, we just want it to last forever. But, this is the real world with no such magic. The closest we can get to magic is with a product that lasts for quite a while. You use detergents every day so it is ought to end soon.

However, this liquid detergent is capable of handling 126 loads in your washing machine. So, that means that you can make one bottle of it last for quite a while.

High Efficient Detergent

If you were planning to use the detergent in your washing machine, then you can go ahead and use it. Apparently, the detergent is compatible with almost any washing machine- HE or not because it itself is HE.

So, it can work with any amount of water and leave a clean cloth behind.

Great On Whites

You may or may not be fond of how well this detergent cleans. Because there are instances where this detergent did not do a really great job. However, one thing that it sure is great at is washing white clothes.

Apparently, it not only cleans them well but also leaves them looking brighter. So, if you have to clean a lot of white clothe daily then this detergent just may be the correct choice for you.

A Lavender Scent

If you are someone who is not fond of scents on clothes from detergents then it is best to stay away from this detergent. Apparently, this one comes with a lavender scent and the smell is quite strong. So strong that people who do not like scents may cringe at the smell of it.

Easy Side Dispenser

It would be a pain to put too much effort into dispensing the liquid detergent. Fortunately, you do not have to go through so much trouble with this detergent. In fact, it has a side dispenser that is very easy to use.

Who Is It For

If you are on a tight budget and need something with a strong scent that lets you know that you have washed the clothes then this Kirkland Signature liquid detergent may be for you.

In fact, it is environmentally friendly and it is a great choice for washing white clothes. Because this detergent leaves the white clothes brighter.

So, if you have concerns regarding the environment and have a lot os white clothes to wash in the house then this is for you.

The Price

As for the price, the detergent offers quite a good deal. Since it lasts quite a while and it also comes in quite a good amount, you will be satisfied with what it provides. In fact, it is cheaper than many other detergents and it still offers better performance than them.

So, you can rely on the Kirkland brand and particularly this detergent when it comes to price.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it for colored clothes as well?

Yes, it is suitable for both white and colored clothes.

How much does a container contain?

You will get 194 oz of the detergent to clean 126 loads.

Kirkland Laundry Detergent Super Concentrate Powder

Kirkland Laundry Detergent Super Concentrate Powder

Thumbs Up For
  • Quite safe for people with sensitive skin and allergies.
  • Multi-purpose use- surfaces, oil stains, clothes, etc can be cleaned using it.
  • Lasts a while.
  • Good value for the money.
  • Great at removing stains.
  • Compatible with most washing machines.
Thumbs Down For
  • The smell is not that strong.
  • It may not dissolve very easily.

Let’s check out the various features of the Kirkland Super Concentrate Powder to see what it is capable of providing you and what it’s not capable of.

A Detergent For Multi-purpose Use

It is not every day that you come across detergents that you can use on anything you want to. Apparently, this Kirkland super concentrate powder is something that you can use on your clothes, on surfaces, on oil stains, etc. Yes, it is that capable and it cleans quite well too.

Therefore, don’t think the quantity of its purposes diminishes the quality- because it does not.

Very Safe

Whether the detergent smells or not, one thing it does not do is cause irritation or allergies. Apparently, you can consider it hypoallergenic even though there is no such mention by the brand. But, you can trust the detergent enough to use in houses where there are people with sensitive skin.

Apparently, it does not mention using completely naturally derived cleaning ingredients but whatever it uses seems safe until now. Because no allergy or rash issues were caused by it.

A Load Of  Two Hundred

The 448 oz container of this detergent is capable of dealing with 200 loads. If you ask me then that is quite a good deal. It will last a while before you have to buy another container.

However, the problem is not there, the problem is in misleading pictures. When you buy online, you may come across a 200-load container detergent with a picture of a 400-load one.

As a result, you may order it thinking you are ordering the one which is capable of handling 400 loads whereas, in reality, you are ordering the 200-load one. Thus you will not only feel disappointed but deceived as well.

So, always check the reviews well before ordering. If you come across even a bit of confusion, seek to resolve it immediately.

The Washing Machine Compatibility

Let’s get the bad news through first, shall we? Sadly, the detergent does not bear a mark of “HE” (High efficiency) anywhere on the container. Thus, it is not highly efficient.

The good news, however, is that it does work very well with the HE washing machines. So, you can rest assured that this detergent will be compatible with the washing machine at your home.

However, make sure you do not get too excited and use too much of it because it does leave a residue if you use too much of it (Duh).

Stain Removal

One of the greatest ingredients a detergent can have in it that will help to remove stains is enzymes. But, guess what? This Kirkland detergent does not have enzymes in it. Surprisingly, it is still great at removing stains.

We have no clue how but it does a great job on blood stains and a few other types of stains including oil.

But, yes there are also certain kinds of stains that it cannot cast its magic spell over. So, if you have to deal with any abnormal stain then this may not be the best choice for you.

The Scent

Yes, it does come with a scent. The scent is not that strong and you cannot quite name the scent either. No, it’s not lavender or rose, or anything like that. The best you can call it is a ‘clean smell’. That’s weird but it’s not a bad smell.

So, if you do not have anything against scents then you can totally try this detergent out. It’s great.

Who Is It For?

If you have people with sensitive skin or allergies in your house who do not mind scents on their clothes then this detergent just might be the one for you. While it does not contain many ingredients that the best detergents contain, it is still well capable of cleaning. Furthermore, it removes stains as well.

If you want to use the detergent not only on clothes but a few other surfaces as well then this might be the one.

The Price

As long as you know the correct amount of load you are paying for, the price is quite reasonable. Just do not be deceived by misleading pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will it work well with front-loading machines?

Yes, it works fine with front loading and HE machines.

Does it include a scoop in the package?

Yes, it does include a scoop that you can use to get the detergent out easily.

In conclusion

Now you know almost everything you need to know about two Kirkland products- the Kirkland Signature Environmentally Responsible Liquid Laundry Detergent and the Kirkland Super Concentrate Powder. One is a liquid detergent and the other powder. While both are good at cleaning, the powder is much better at removing stains.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option then the liquid detergent is gentler on your bank account. However, the powder one can seem a bit pricey. As for the allergies and irritations, the powder detergent is safer for use while the liquid detergent has caused rash and irritation on multiple occasions.

You see, one detergent is good for certain things and bad at others. Now, which one will suit you depends on the task you have at hand.

Furthermore, Kirkland powder can be used on multiple surfaces, stains, and clothes. Therefore, if you want a multi-purpose detergent the powder is the way to go.

Now, the choice lies with you.

6 thoughts on “Kirkland Laundry Detergent Reviews”

  1. A lot of cleaning products have a lot of harmful chemicals in them that aren’t environmentally friendly to create or dispose of. In fact, repeated exposure to these cleaning products can affect your health as well as the environment. Green cleaning products use more natural and organic methods of cleaning which are far less harmful.

  2. This detergent left my black cotton pants severely faded in a splotchy tie dye fashion. They look stone washed now. I ran them through the washer a second time to see if was just soap residue but the pants came out the same. It definitely fades colors on my darker cotton clothing. I’m sad. I don’t feel comfortable using this again.

    • Me too!!! I have tried everything and have come to the final conclusion that the laundry soap has ruined entire loads of of clothing.

  3. I have been using the super concentrate powder for almost 20 years. Recently I have experienced severe systemic inflamation with high CRP and sedimentation rate numbers. I spent 8 months on Predisone with no resolution. One test showed elevated levels of NT-PROBNP. Finally, I changed to the Ultraclean Free & Clear liquid, and very quickly my inflammation and joint pain started abating. My joints are no longer swollen and arthritic. At 65, I can start lifting again.

    This detergent was literally going to be the death of me. I am leaving my two kegs of powder at the curb for trash pickup, tossing out all of my conventional soap products, and I am taking a deep dive into the most gentle laundry soap options available. Who would ever imagine that something as simple as laundry detergent could so thoroughly destroy my quality of life?

    • I am presuming that you were being rhetorical when you said you were dumping 2 Kegs of Kirkland detergent in the trash. If not, it would be offensive. There are lots of people who are in dire need of anything and aren’t allergic to substances like you are. Please donate items you have no need for that others could use. It is also good for the environment.

      I am glad you found your culprit and got over your allergic reactions in due time.


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